Family Yard, MA


“Our new yard is now nearly completed.  It was a pretty big project and we are in love with it.  Sadly it’s winter, so aside from some snow angels, we have yet to enjoy it fully but come spring it will be well used.  It is a whole new room added on to our house.  And the kids can actually go out to play there when it’s warmer.” L & J, Massachusetts

Project: This compact backyard, a mile from Harvard University was 90% asphalt, had a small unpractical deck and was open to the street. It was not safe for kids or a particularly inspiring space for the family to hang out in. The new design comprised 2 main spaces: an upper outdoor entertaining room and a lower play space. Both were flanked with new hemlock walled planters with planting with all year round interest, and a new contemporary fence. Additional features included storage spaces for strollers and garbage bins and a mini-bike barn! Construction started Fall 2016 and will be finished Spring 2017.